TMJ Therapy

Have you been suffering from headaches, jaw pain, earaches, or difficulty chewing? 

  • Appliance Therapy
  • Bruxism Splint/Nightguard



A TMJ appliance is one type of removable splint. Worn during the night, it shifts the jaw into correct position. Over time, the jaw joints become reprogrammed to their new position. This type of removable splint helps most people deal with bruxism, tooth mobility, wear, recession, and periodontal disease. This splint helps protect patients’ teeth and restorations from the destructive forces of nocturnal bruxism. This is far different from a simple NightGuard that merely provides a spacer between the teeth. It is designed to help relax the jaw muscles and reposition the jaw to its natural position. Most of our patients love it so much that they will not sleep without it in place!


Another option is NightGuard, a molded plastic mouthguard that fits over upper teeth. This appliance reduces teeth grinding as well.

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